The highest standards of presentation are required at all times from the children attending Gosberton Academy. Children must wear correct school uniform and no extremes of haircuts or styles are permitted.

This includes ‘engraved’ designs, mullets and skin head. On health and safety grounds we do not allow children to wear jewellery in our Academy. The exceptions to this rule are earring studs in pierced ears (one stud per ear) and wrist watches. These items of jewellery must be removed for PE activities. In opting to send your child to Gosberton you are agreeing toabide by the School Uniform and Appearance policy. All items of school uniform- including shoes and plimsolls- should beclearly named to avoid loss or confusion.

We believe that a school uniform promotes a sense of belonging to and pride in one’s school. Therefore, it is expected that allchildren wear the Gosberton Academy uniform to school on normal school days.

We are pleased to inform you that our uniform provider is Nationwide School Uniforms, who are based in Spilsby. They are a countrywide supplier and offer good quality garments at very competitive prices. Orders can be placed and paid for online at their website, www.nationwideschooluniforms.co.uk

At the top of the page is a Red bar where you can enter your school name. If you enter Gosberton Academy and then press GO, the uniform will be displayed and you will be able to choose sizes and add to your basket as you would with any other online purchase. If you have any queries regarding sizes, you can telephone the shop before placing your order on 01790754522 or email sales@nationwideschoolunifirms.co.uk


Grey/black trousers
School or plain black polo shirt
Red school sweatshirt or plain red jumper
White/dark-grey/black socks
Plain black formal, flat leather shoes
Grey, black tailored shorts for the summer (optional)


Grey/black skirt, trousers or pinafore dress
School or plain black polo shirt
Red school sweatshirt or plain red jumper
White/dark-grey/black socks or dark-grey/black tights
Plain black formal, flat leather shoes
Red/white gingham dress for summer (optional)
Grey, black tailored shorts for the summer (optional)


It is important that children have a clean change of clothing suitable for physical activity for reasons of health and hygiene. The PE Kit should include:

School or plain T-Shirt (Red)
Shorts (Black)
Plain black jogging bottoms and sweat top
Sun Hat or Cap during hot weather


Children with pierced ears must only wear close fitting, stud type earrings, but we would prefer that no earrings be worn at all, for safety reasons. Please note that staff are not permitted to remove children’s earrings. No other jewellery, apart from watches, should be worn.