Vision and Values


Gosberton Academy aims to provide a high-quality, exceptional education with first-hand learning experiences that are able to motivate and stimulate all learners. All learners will recognise the importance of the community in which they are educated and understand that the Academy is based at the heart of the community, bringing a togetherness of all stakeholders.

  • All pupils and families will feel supported and integrated into the school life.
  • Every pupil, regardless of their life experiences, can reach their full potential, growing in confidence and being honest to themselves.
  • Throughout their time at Gosberton Academy, pupils will become independent, resilient life-long learners that are aspirational, aiming to become the best they can be, including their time after Gosberton Academy.


Gosberton Academy wants to improve pupils, families, local businesses and much more by being at the HEART of the local community.

HonestyHonest to each other but also, honest to themselves.
Exceptionalbehaviour, effort, attitude, progress, opportunities
Aspirationalstaff, children, parents, families
ResilientNever giving up. Wanting to succeed.
TogethernessFriendships, support, stakeholders, community, parents, staff