Mini Police Tasks & Presentations Monday 12th November 2018

Last week, Gosberton Academy’s Mini-Police completed their first task of the academic year. The group of six children that were selected by their peers in a democratic vote at the start of the year had been given two tasks.

The first was to be completed while they were ‘on duty’ during break and lunch. PCSO Colin had asked Gosberton’s officers to record any acts of kindness that they witnessed and the results have been very positive.

The other task involved standing in front of the rest of the school and delivering an assembly based around anti-bullying. This was arranged to start anti-bullying week off – the children also did some work on anti-bullying in their classes.

The group delivered some lovely presentations and produced some lovely posters that emphasised their understanding.

One of the Mini-Police Officers said, “I’ve really enjoyed my role with the Mini-Police and it’s been nice to see people doing kind things in the playground.”